Enable the Parent Portal

Teachers must provide login information to the parents or guardians of students. Here are instructions on how to provide login information.

It is necessary to be to be logged into www.istation.com to make changes.

  1. After logging in, select the Classroom tab at the top of the page. The screen will open to the most recently viewed classroom if multiple classrooms can be seen. A different classroom may be selected at the top of the screen by using the drop-down menu where the class title is listed.

  1. In the left menu, select Enable Parent Portal.

  1. Choose Select All or select individual students to enable parents to log into the Istation Parent Portal Web site from home and see limited reports and resources using their student’s Istation account.

NOTE: If the message “cannot enable” appears, then the password does not meet the minimum requirements. To change the student’s password, click the change password link provided. Changes should be made in accordance with district preferences. If unable to change a student’s password, please contact Istation Support Services.

  1. Click Update.

  2. Then click Print a letter for students to take home to their parents.

  3. Mark the checkboxes for chosen students and click Create Parent Letters.


  1. Print the Istation Home Login Information and distribute to students for them to take home to their parents/guardians.

Example Letter:

For any assistance or information, please contact Istation Support Services.



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