Student Login

Students will need their login cards in order to access the istation Reading Program.

  1. Direct each student to click on the istation Logo on the desktop of their computer.  There are 2 different versions of the istation logo on computer desktops.  Please find the logo you have on your desktop and have the student double click to access the Istation program.


  2. Next, the student will see a screen with a blank for their username and password.  Using the student’s login card that shows their username and password, direct the student to type their username and password into the appropriate box and then click “OK” to begin using the Istation student program.

  3. Select the appropriate activity by clicking on the corresponding button.

Only the activities the student has access to will be available on their screen.

If the student holds down the Shift key, Num Lock key, or Caps Lock key, they will not be able to login.

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