Student Information Page

The Student Information Page gives an overview of student performance and information at a glance.

The student’s name is displayed at the top and features a drop-down menu to allow easy access to other students in the same class.


Key Metrics – The center of the page features the student’s performance on ISIP™ and in Istation Reading. Both the score and color coding indicate the student’s percentile rank, tier level, usage, and average weekly sessions. The Print View allows all testing to be viewed at the same time for ease of printing.


School Year – The school year can be changed to view data from previous school years.


About Section – This section lists the basic details about the student, including the student’s user name, password, domain, grade, and student ID number. Clicking on the Edit Student icon allows changes to be made to the student’s basic information in the Istation database.


Classrooms – This list shows all the classes in which the student is a participant.


Additional Information – In this section the Session/Activity Detail can be found, which is great for seeing specific details about a student’s session on the Istation application. This section also provides access to the student's performance in any Assignments a teacher may have given him/her.


Related Reports – These links are Istation reports specifically for that student.

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