Build, Save, & Manage Reports

It is necessary to be logged into to complete these actions.


The Report page will show the available options for Products and Reports based on the products the district or school uses.


Building a Report

  1. Click the Report tab.



  1. Select a product in the first column.

  2. Select a report from the options shown.

  3. Select Customize Report, and choose the desired Options and Targeted Users for the report.

A.    The Products & Reports tab reflects the options selected on the previous screen. Changes can be made on this tab if desired.

B.    The Options tab displays options applicable to the chosen report. They will change based on the report and what options are available for a specific report.

C.   On the Targeted Users tab, choose for which students to run the report. This is also where to filter a report by a particular student group.

D.   Click Run Report at the bottom of the Quick Report Builder.

The Quick Report Builder screen will appear.


Managing Reports

  • The Edit Report feature allows easy access to the Quick Report Builder, where changes to the report can be made or a different report can be run.

  • The Export Detail feature converts selected reports to an Excel format. For more information about the data in the export, see our Assessment Data Dictionary.

Saving Report Quick Links

  • Each user’s saved Quick Links are instantly available on the home page upon login and are individual to that user.

  • After creating a Quick Link, simply click on the link to immediately access the selected report.

  1. Create and run a report. When the report is displayed, click the Save Report button. This will open the Save Report Quick Link dialog box.

  2. Type the name of the report in the first box OR select the previously saved report that you would like to replace from the drop-down menu.

  3. Select a saving time period.

    1. The first option, configured time, will save the report for the selected time frame the report was run. When the Quick Link is clicked, it will reflect data for selected time frame (e.g., October 2012). This option can be useful for looking at beginning, middle, and end of year data.

    2. The second option, current time, will save the report and populate with the most current data available. This option is useful for looking at current data for instructional purposes.

  4. Be sure to click the Save Quick Link button.

Accessing Quick Report Links

Once reports have been saved, the user can use the Quick Report Links section on the Home page to view favorite or most frequently used reports.

  • Clicking any of the Quick Links will take the user directly to the report.


Managing Quick Report Links

Click the expand icon in the top right area of the Quick Report Links section on the Home page to manage the Quick Report Links.

Using the buttons at the bottom of the screen, the user can Run, Rename, Delete, or Refresh the listed reports.


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