Session Summary and Activity Detail

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The Session Summary shows the duration of use each time Istation was accessed by the student.


The icons in the third column are explained in the legend on the right.

  • Excessive idle time icon – student did not interact with the mouse or keyboard for at least two minutes

  • Excessive aborts icon – student logged in and out of Istation multiple times during the session

  • Not at school icon – shows the activities that were completed outside of the school’s network

  • Web-based assessment icon – shows assessment sessions completed through the Web-based assessment instead of through the Istation Application

  • Offline activities – shows activities that the student completed though there was not an active internet connection during the session


By clicking on any session date, the Session's Activity Details display at the bottom of the screen.

The Session's Activity Details show student responses, including for ISIP and Interactive Instruction, while using the program. The following information is listed in the Session's Activity Details:

  • the questions asked during the activity

  • the multiple choice options given with each question

  • the correct answer is indicated by a check mark

  • the answer the student gave and response time

NOTE: Because of the computer adaptive nature of Istation, scores should not be viewed just as a percentage for grade purposes. (Ex: A 3/5 cannot be seen as a 60% for the grade book because that could 3 out of 5 questions correct on above, on, or below grade level questions.)



Suggested Uses for Instructional Purposes:

  • Identify areas to address in intervention.

  • Identify behaviors to monitor while student is using the Istation Application.

  • Review activities completed during sessions.

  • Recommend changes in usage at home.

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