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Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Questions:

  1. How do I download Istation?

  2. Can Istation be pushed out to multiple computers at one time instead of downloading the program to one machine at a time?

  3. How do I electronically create rosters of students for teachers and classrooms of students in large batches or files?

  4. How do I electronically add Managers/Teachers to Istation?

Classroom Management:

  1. How do I print Istation login cards for my students?

  2. How do I manually add students to a class or remove students from a class?

  3. What is an On Demand Assessment and how do I use it?

Logging On, Using Student Program, and Report and Management Web Site:

  1. How does a student log into the Istation app?

  2. How does an educator log onto the Istation Web site?

  3. How do I know a student is taking an ISIP  Assessment when using Istation?

  4. How much time should a student use Istation?


  1. What is the best teacher level report to view once my students have completed their ISIP Assessment?

  2. What reports can I use to show growth?

  3. Which report is most beneficial for campus or district level leadership?

  4. How do I know what skills my students need help with after they have been using Istation?

  5. What report is best used in conferences and meetings at the campus or with parents?

  6. How do I run a Usage report?

  7. What are the Istation instructional tiers?

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Table of Contents